Exhibit Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

Salt Convention, Las Vegas, NV, 2017

This traveling VR exhibit showcases StarVR’s product in an immersive space that seamlessly transports the viewer from a physical to virtual demonstration space.


Display Design, Fabrication, Robotics

To dramatize the release of the new NIKE Flyknit, NON created this kinetic reveal display.  When activated, the front surface illuminated with the pattern of the sole while the shoe emerged from the top.  An arc of light revolved around the shoe, creating a lunar eclipse-like effect.



Retail Design, Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, POP Displays, Fabrication

This booth system of free standing wall displays and pedestals was designed for continuous travel in a variety of configurations. The modular panel can be inserted with combinations of maple merchandise displays and graphic panels with built-in LED lighting. Water-droplet-shaped pedestals perform multiple functions such as light up display surfaces, locking storage and product giveaway bins. In addition to their traveling exhibit booth, NON also built out Vapur showrooms in Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle.


Exhibit Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

This 50′ X 20′ Licensing Expo exhibit for Nickelodeon transformed elements from the brand into a three dimensional space filled with texture and tactile experiences. Visitors are greeted by a reception desk filled with ping-pong balls while meetings are held at tables in the shapes of a scrambled “n-i-c-k-e-l-o-d-e-o-n”. A sixteen-foot wide photo-op wall made of hundreds of projecting tubes creates the backdrop of the booth and a media display with TV and iPads show the upcoming Nick shows.



The NON BOX, bridges furniture and architecture with a customizable system of frames, floors, ceilings and walls. NON BOX allows you to easily assemble commercial environments that can be expanded, reconfigured and moved over time. The climate of offices, retail and restaurants has changed and how we create spaces needs to as well. With NONBOX, you can own your branded interior, change it, rearrange it and take it with you to create a new space.” It assembles like furniture and all of the modular elements are independent, making the space a truly blank canvas for each brand to customize and play with over time.