Public Art Design, Fabrication, Construction Management

For a city wide event that brought the entire city outdoors on bicycles, boards and roller skates, NONDESIGNS created a series of 50 sculptural planters that dotted a path along a 3/4 mile stretch of Acacia Blvd.  At the event, visitors could adopt a planter, water it, and then take it home after the installation was complete.


Public Art, Fabrication, Installation

Hollywood’s film industry transports people to other settings through the framed view of the screen. Apertures of Nature is about framing details. Precise views of foliage, branches, shadows and bark are captured in pockets of seamless white space. This piece focuses on the celebration of simple beauties that may often go unnoticed. Installed in Plummer Park, West Hollywood for a period of four months.



Interactive Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

Our team’s challenge was to create a site-specific architectural scale installation that would engage the public and create a fun, social atmosphere for the community at M&A. Bubbles was not only a spectacle that stopped traffic, but excited visitors by allowing them to influence the physical space around them. The installation consists of large interactive bubbles that inflate and deflate in reaction to the changing occupancy of their surrounding space. The space starts out packed with bubbles and transforms to just a canopy as the space fills with visitors. In collaboration with Foxlin (Michael Fox and Juintow Lin) and Brand Name Label (Gabriel Renz). American Institute of Architects Honor Award.