Display Design, Fabrication, Robotics

To dramatize the release of the new NIKE Flyknit, NON created this kinetic reveal display.  When activated, the front surface illuminated with the pattern of the sole while the shoe emerged from the top.  An arc of light revolved around the shoe, creating a lunar eclipse-like effect.



Exhibit Design, Retail Design, Experiential Marketing

The convention hall disappears as one passes through the broken sewer tube into the stylized dank sewer lair from Nick’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand. The sound of water dripping echoes through the space while sirens and footsteps reverberate from the street level. Layers of sewer grating creates the street level and Manhattan looms overhead mapped onto giant prints. A multitude of interactive areas such as sewer tubes, periscopes, pinball machines and surveilance monitors reveal trailers and sneak-peak footage of the new TMNT. Visitors exit through a sewer tube with display portals flowing into the Nick Shop.