Display Design, Fabrication, Robotics

To dramatize the release of the new NIKE Flyknit, NON created this kinetic reveal display.  When activated, the front surface illuminated with the pattern of the sole while the shoe emerged from the top.  An arc of light revolved around the shoe, creating a lunar eclipse-like effect.



Interactive Design, Art Installation, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

This modular wall system reflects the activity of visitors with light and texture. With every sound produced by its audience, the WALL OF SOUND responds by opening its surface, allowing light to spill out across the textural surface. The system is expandable to any wall size and its sensitivity is adjustable to react to the volume level within its environment.


Interactive Design, Lighting Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

Mitosis is a modular lighting system that is always changing and enables users to not only control the amount of light being emitted, but the patterns, shapes and impressions that the lights create. Glowing colored orbs illuminate when touched once and return to their off states when touched again. Mitosis takes lighting out of the object world and into the realm of the spatial environment.