Public Art Design, Fabrication, Construction Management

For a city wide event that brought the entire city outdoors on bicycles, boards and roller skates, NONDESIGNS created a series of 50 sculptural planters that dotted a path along a 3/4 mile stretch of Acacia Blvd.  At the event, visitors could adopt a planter, water it, and then take it home after the installation was complete.


Interactive Design, Art Installation, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

This modular wall system reflects the activity of visitors with light and texture. With every sound produced by its audience, the WALL OF SOUND responds by opening its surface, allowing light to spill out across the textural surface. The system is expandable to any wall size and its sensitivity is adjustable to react to the volume level within its environment.


Design, Event Design, Fabrication, Installation

For the launch of the first issue of GOOD Magazine, NON was asked to transform the historical St. Vibiana’s Cathedral into an atmosphere that would reflect the company’s eco-friendly philosophy. Our approach was to abstract the concept of “landscape” and creating functional elements that would provide lounging areas, lighting and intimate mingling spaces. The design included custom TOPO seating platforms, bars and a lit fabric “cloud” hovering above the seating areas.