Exhibit Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

Salt Convention, Las Vegas, NV, 2017

This traveling VR exhibit showcases StarVR’s product in an immersive space that seamlessly transports the viewer from a physical to virtual demonstration space.


Display Design, Fabrication, Robotics

To dramatize the release of the new NIKE Flyknit, NON created this kinetic reveal display.  When activated, the front surface illuminated with the pattern of the sole while the shoe emerged from the top.  An arc of light revolved around the shoe, creating a lunar eclipse-like effect.



Exhibit Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

A Tranquil Underwater Experience for 505 Games

For the E3 release of the peaceful free diving game, ABZÛ, NON created a geometric space that embodied the calm solitary and spirit of the brand.  Visitors passed through a video tunnel with a transparent video wall flowing with underwater sea life and then discovered private gaming sanctuaries inside of geometric blue pods.


Exhibit Design, Retail Design, Experiential Marketing

The convention hall disappears as one passes through the broken sewer tube into the stylized dank sewer lair from Nick’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand. The sound of water dripping echoes through the space while sirens and footsteps reverberate from the street level. Layers of sewer grating creates the street level and Manhattan looms overhead mapped onto giant prints. A multitude of interactive areas such as sewer tubes, periscopes, pinball machines and surveilance monitors reveal trailers and sneak-peak footage of the new TMNT. Visitors exit through a sewer tube with display portals flowing into the Nick Shop.



Stage Design, Event Design, Fabrication

For the live broadcast tournament finals of Riot’s League of Legends, NON designed the stage set, which was watched by an audience of 1000 live and millions online. Seven projection screens and video mapped kiosks showed all aspects of game play while signage towers, merchandise areas and a LAN gaming area surrounded the audience.



Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication

For PACKiT’s new line of freezable personal coolers, they wanted to create a colorful kitchen atmosphere to demo and display the product. Like a cutaway set, it would combine both functional and faux fixtures, branded lifestyle imagery and illustrated iconic kitchen elements. With minimal size, weight and assembly, it housed lit cabinets to showcase products, a central demo island, refrigerator and chest freezer hidden within the base cabinets.



Exhibit Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

This 50′ X 20′ Licensing Expo exhibit for Nickelodeon transformed elements from the brand into a three dimensional space filled with texture and tactile experiences. Visitors are greeted by a reception desk filled with ping-pong balls while meetings are held at tables in the shapes of a scrambled “n-i-c-k-e-l-o-d-e-o-n”. A sixteen-foot wide photo-op wall made of hundreds of projecting tubes creates the backdrop of the booth and a media display with TV and iPads show the upcoming Nick shows.



Design, Event Design, Fabrication, Installation

For the launch of the first issue of GOOD Magazine, NON was asked to transform the historical St. Vibiana’s Cathedral into an atmosphere that would reflect the company’s eco-friendly philosophy. Our approach was to abstract the concept of “landscape” and creating functional elements that would provide lounging areas, lighting and intimate mingling spaces. The design included custom TOPO seating platforms, bars and a lit fabric “cloud” hovering above the seating areas.


Design, Experiential Marketing, Fabrication, On-site Supervision

For Warner Bros. Entertainment to display 6 original Batmobiles at Comic-Con, NON was commissioned to design and construct a space to house the Batman brand. 120′ Long by 60′ wide by 15′ tall, this shaded space is formed by mesh panels forming arches and caverns for the Batmobiles to sit throughout.